Just Things

Pratt Institute ARC Photography Gallery

John Denniston II and Brandon Foushee 

Just Things

200 Willoughby Avenue, ARC Building (Lower Level), Brooklyn, NY

September 14th – 25th 

Gallery Hours: Monday through Friday 12pm – 5pm

As collaborators, we took this opportunity to work through the shared structure between painting and photography. How does the imposition of paint on a picture affect the integrity of the photograph? What happens to the work when photography mimics the form of paint? What formal aspects measure the medium? These are some of the questions that provide the basis for a call and response process that we collaborated within. 

Our investigations took place in a cross pollination of image developing techniques. This hybrid practice tested our ability to preserve image quality and use paint to embrace the abstraction of photographs. Through trial and error we discovered a variety of outcomes from introducing photographs onto alternative surfaces such as wood, plaster and canvas and using paint to respond to the results. In other cases we used paint to tease the rectangular format and developed photographs on non-traditional formats, pushing the medium away from its comfort zone. Situated on the bridge between painting and photography, these works exist in the space between the confines of medium, seeking liberation from the burden of genre.