Photo of John Denniston II taken by Brandon Foushee 2020

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California by a family of dancers, painting came natural to a self engaged child who was too self conscious to get on stage. I moved to Brooklyn to study at Pratt, and now I’m being introduced to the hard part of artistry-honesty. Not like confessing, it’s not about me, it’s about making something that I or someone might be able to confess to. 
  From the start of my artistic pursuit I have believed thought is the beginning and end of painting, but painting is also a crafted form and it is this form which delivers ideas to the viewer. From bathing in the process of crafting paintings I have come to realize that I am a viewer in my own right, and I don’t like spoiled tales so I usually paint to discover. It keeps the relationship spicy and keeps me on my toes.



BFA in Painting from Pratt Institute (2022)

Summer intensive programs at MICA (2016), Academy of Art University (2015) and Art Center College of Design (2013-2014)


As Above So Below, As Within So Without, Presented by Gallery House,, May 2021

Untitled group show, pop up gallery in Soho, NYC, May 2021

Just Things, Presented by Pratt Institute Photography Gallery, September 2020

2020 Group Show, Presented by BWAC, November- December 2020

Remember Me!, Presented by Gallery House, November 2019